“One on One – Not having any expectations, a one on one session is always daunting, but Sharyn is so genuine and allows you to find where you want to take the session. There is no pressure or stress and in the end although uncovering issues, you feel revitalized and energetic when you leave. The time seems to be focused only on you and you gain so much insight into the EFT practice, but also into who you are and what issue you have at that immediate time.

Workshop – Sharyn has an amazing way with all who attend her workshops, she put everyone nerves at ease with lots of fun and laughter and serious talks in between. Her workshop was very educational and enlightening. Will definitely attend future events she holds.

I will highly recommend Sharyn to anyone for personal or professional sessions” Diane

“I was diagnosed with High Cholesterol and Diabetes – after four EFT sessions when I went for a check- up my Cholesterol and sugar levels where normal – my doctor said I was curing myself of Diabetes – this has been a wonderful experience for me” Brian

Ever since Sharyn Driver walked into our store, it was evident that the energy had shifted to a positive state, within minutes we were inspired …. Lifted what seemed like a negative morning, then changed into a day of constructive, positive thoughts. We were not only able to control our own attitude but also that of our customers, which resulted in good business for the day” Marcie – Clothing consultant.

" I felt so at ease with Sharyn - found her non judgemental about my situation. She explained the workings of the mind regarding trauma and how it shows up in our bodies if not resolved"