Why ‘Releasing Limits’? 

Sharyn Driver, Director and Trainer at Releasing Limits, is one of 20 Practitioners worldwide trained in this world class stress management technique.

With a background in corporate South Africa, Sharyn understands how important the emotional wellbeing of employees is and how it impacts on their productivity, motivation, relationships, physical and mental health

This technique will not only help your employees with the stress and anxiety they may experience at work.  It can also help clear any of the following issues:

Physical Pain       Emotional Trauma      Grief & Loss     Addictions      Depression     Weight Issues     Fears & Phobias


Teacher and Mentor

Bennie Naude    EFT, Matrix Re- Imprinting, Falling in Love with Presenting – International Trainer, Teacher, and Practitioner


Teachers and Resources

Sharon King – Author “Heal your Birth heal your Life” Founder Birth Matrix Re- Imprinting, International Trainer, Teacher and Practitioner

Jackie Durnin

Trained and Acquired the rights to an International Wellness Program from Jackie Durnin using methodology to reduce stress and anxiety based on the latest research in Neuroscience and the mind – with incredible results on staff productivity, wellness, reduction in Absenteeism and an increas in profits

Jean Houston – Quantum Powers - "As viewed so appears"

Tomas Martin Sheehy - Anatomy and Physiology Training Course 

Mindvalley Online University - Completed many online course on Self Development, Energy Healing, and Becoming Limitless


Vishen Lakhiani - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Winning The Game of Money Training – John Assaraf - Neurogym

Gary Craig Founder EFT

Karl Dawson – Founder Matrix re-Imprinting, Author “ Transform your Beliefs Transform your Life”

Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

You are the Placebo - Dr. Joe Dipenza