Sharyn Driver – 

We all know the facts about the effects of long-term stress on humans. Not only does stress affect our body and physical health, but our thoughts and mental health as well. Stressed employees are detrimental to the growth of any organisation and often take more sick days, are prone to having more accidents on the job and are less enthusiastic and motivated than their counterparts – all aspects that can negatively affect a company’s bottom-line.

For the last three decades, Sharyn Driver, a transformational therapist and founder of Releasing Limits Pty Ltd, has formally and informally helped her clients, most of them in top management positions, gain a deeper understanding of the stressors in their life and find solutions to deal with it through techniques based on the latest neuroscientific research. While executives are chosen particularly for their role based on their ability to deal with high levels of stress, Sharyn introduced the Executive Stress Programme in 2016, to teach executives techniques to help them deal with their own stressors and manage the stressors of the teams serving under them, thereby decreasing absenteeism, improving the overall health and productivity of staff, and subsequently their companies’ bottom-line.

Sharyn has spent her entire career working in Capital Equipment Sales and used that experience along with her study of human behaviour to the advantage of the companies she has worked in by teaching management how to identify the strengths of individuals in their sales teams and to inspire those individuals to perform well based on their strengths.

Her passion for assisting individuals to thrive in stressful environments was ignited at a young age when Sharyn became interested in the functioning of the mind and the role it plays in human behaviour. This sparked a lifelong pursuit to understand the effects of our thoughts and beliefs on our health, relationships, and finances. It is also the reason she jumped at the chance to work for IBM, who at the time was considered the forerunner in global integrated technology and consulting services and encouraged innovative thinking and new ideas.

In 1985, she joined STC – ALCATEL’s Business Communications Division working first in Major Accounts Sales and later as Sales Manager. Her thorough understanding of her clients’ business and her passion for selling solutions instead of products, saw Sharyn become the first woman to sell PBXs (a private telephone network within companies allowing for various means to communicate internally and externally) in the country. She would spend another 19 years in various top sales positions at AT&T, Compu-Phone, Unison Software and Imperial Online growing more knowledgeable on sales and marrying that knowledge with her ability to unlock human potential. In 1995 she became a Managing Member of Switchcom Intelligent Solutions providing telecommunication turnkey solutions. 

While working in the corporate environment, Sharyn continued to fuel her fascination with human behaviour and the human mind by enrolling for many local and international courses and programmes focused on neuroscience research. In 2011 her, after building up an illustrious sales and management career in the telecommunications industry, her yearning to understand human behaviour and the human mind and to marry that passion with her corporate career, led her to establish Releasing Limits.

Since then, she has qualified as an Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Re-Imprinting, and a Rapid Transformational Therapist with the internationally renowned and top British transformational therapist Marisa Peer. Sharyn has qualified, studied and trained Internationally acquiring the rights to a very successful Wellness program. This qualification allows Sharyn to teach methodologies taught in this programme to help CEOs, managers and employees reduce stress and anxiety in a corporate environment, thereby improving staff productivity, wellness and absenteeism, and help them to live inspired, mindful lives in the process. These techniques are taught in one-on-one therapy sessions, workshops and motivational talks that can easily be integrated into daily lives. 

Sharyn has used these same skills in her philanthropy activities as a counsellor while emotionally supporting abused children who had to testify in court.  In 1999 Sharyn received an award from former Deputy Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, the late Cheryl Gillwald, for her selfless dedication to supporting young victims of abuse during court hearings.